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The term Smart City has come to signify quality of life in an urban context; the aim is to apply technology to diverse problem areas of daily life, such as mobility, managing energy resources, recycling rubbish, air quality, land use, service networks, building and land use, the local economy, job creation and public safety.

The EU Commission, in its digital agenda, pays special attention to the theme of the Smart City, as a necessary precondition for the growth of the knowledge economy, social inclusion, tourism, the arts and environmental health.

The evolution of urban life in the direction of the Smart City is a catalyst to keep Europe in the forefront of urban development at a global level; indeed, there are numerous initiatives in different parts of the world- research, experiments, projects and pilot schemes- dedicated to finding ways of harnessing technological innovation to improve our lives.


The city becomes intelligent: Arké joins with the local authorities through project financing, in the development and programming of technological and infrastructural initiatives most suited to local conditions.



“The Smart City can be identified and classified in terms of the following aspects:[1]:

  • intelligent economy
  • intelligent mobility
  • intelligent environment
  • intelligent people
  • intelligent lifestyle
  • intelligent governance

[1] Rudolf Giffinger, Christian Fertner, Hans Kramar, Robert Kalasek, Nataša Pichler-Milanovic, Evert Meijers, Smart cities – Ranking of European medium-sized cities (PDF), su Smart Cities, Vienna, Centre of Regional Science, 2007

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intelligent traffic control

parking management

weather forecasting

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