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Due diligence in the renewable resources sector

A careful and independent examination of the projects allows investors, banks and designers of energy projects themselves to make shared and informed decisions. In particular, Arké carries out assessments of proposals s involving renewable energy, such as biogas, biomass, wind power, solar power, photovoltaic panels and hydroelectricity.

The objectives of due diligence for the installation of a renewable energy plant can be summarised as follows:

  • In situ inspection of technical and environmental aspects with particular reference to internal viability, access, plant layout, use of technology, environmental  factors and landscaping, and connection to the grid;
  • In the case of wind farms, on site inspection of anemometers for measuring (position, type, height,  height of sensors, orientation of arms, conformity with technical norms) and verification of the presence of  other anemometers in the area that could be utilised  for correlation;
  • Verification of legal aspects (relevant norms, requests presented to official bodies, authorisations obtained, connection to grid);
  • Review of outstanding contracts
  • Review of the available technical documentation;
  • Re-elaboration of the data used as a basis for the project anemological data in the case of wind farms, agro-industrial processes in the case of biomass, site characteristics and irradiation for photovoltaic panelling etc.
  • Verification of the electric power installable and the production of energy;
  • Review of business plan and recalculation of financial indices;
  • Check that the documentation is complete and in order;
  • Identification of potential critical areas.


Besides verification of the financial state of the project, Arké offers assistance at each phase up right through to the management of the finished product.  PEC:

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