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Wind Power

Wind power is produced by the conversion of kinetic energy from wind into other forms of energy (electric or mechanical). Today, it is mainly converted into electrical power through a wind power station, while in the past wind power was used in situ to drive pre-industrial or industrial machinery.

The number one renewable source of energy as regards the cost/production ratio, it was the first form of energy discovered by man after fire.

Wind farms are connected to the electricity grid. Smaller installations are used to supply electricity in remote locations. Electricity providers are increasingly purchasing surplus energy from domestic power installations. From many angles wind energy is an attractive source, as an alternative to fossil fuel combustion, given that it is abundant, limitless, clean, widely available and produces virtually no greenhouse gasses (other than in the production of the basic components such as the aluminium sails).

In Italy, wind power is employed both in centralised stations in exposed areas of high ground, and in decentralised power plants; for example, every Italian municipality has its own small-scale wind plant, made up of a limited number of sails (1-3 turbines of 3 to 4 mega watts) generating energy for local consumption.

Construction times of a plant are brief: once the surveys have been performed to measure wind speeds and potential production, all that is left to do is transport the wild sails to the site and install them. The planning and installation times of other renewable forms of energy, such as hydroelectric thermoelectric and so on, are up to 4 years longer. Nevertheless, the lack of a clear and unified legal framework- unlike in the case of solar energy- is considered one of the many reasons for the slow adoption of this kind of technology compared with other countries.  PEC:

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