Arké can offer a comprehensive consultancy service to define the cost of energy and maintenance, through targeted strategies and prioritising needs, thereby offering the client an accurate evaluation of the costs and benefits deriving from any course of action.



  • defining the energy balance of a building;
  • identifying technological conversion work required;
  • evaluating the technical and economic benefits for each intervention;
  • improving comfort and safety;
  • reducing running costs.



  • Improved insulation of buildings;
  • Installation of heat recovery  in forced ventilation systems;
  • Co-generation and tri-generation;
  • Installation of low energy lighting;
  • Adoption of high efficiency thermal generators;
  • Intelligent management of energy consumption;
  • Installation of renewable energy plant;
  • Intelligent regulation of energy consumption;
  • Shopping around for the best energy supply contracts

Energy Audit

The diagnosis or audit is the key instrument to be used by a company to analyse their energy needs: only through an audit can we understand how energy is consumed and how to improve its use. The diagnosis provides a great opportunity for finding areas of possible improvement in the use of energy and hence lower consumption. In this way an organisation can become more efficient and more competitive.



Following  a change in the law (art.8 del D.Lgs n. 102/2014) from 5th December 2015, large companies with over 250 employees and over €50 million annual turnover and companies consuming more than 2.4GWh of electrical energy are obliged to effect an energy audit. Thereafter, the audit must be updated every four years. Failure to do so incurs the risk of sanctions ranging from €2,000 to €40,000.


Public buildings

The law (D.Lgs. n. 115/2008) covering public buildings or buildings used by the public requires that a energy diagnosis be carried out in the case of improvement work on heating plant of rebuilding that affects at least 15% of the external surface area of the building envelope enclosing the gross volume heated.

Besides being compulsory, the energy audit provides an opportunity for any company affected, to apply for efficient energy incentives, for instance the “Certificati Bianchi”.

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