Our offer

Thanks to our profound experience and professionalism, Arké now operates throughout Italy, realising ready-to-use energy systems of all sizes for businesses as well as the public sector, based on feasibility studies tailored to the needs to the individual client. Our expertise and service covers every aspect of the process:  technical factors, how to run the finished product most efficiently, and how to access financial incentives aimed at clean energy.


Arké offers a specialised consultancy service for:

  • Project design;
  • Submitting applications to utility companies (ENEL, GSE etc.);
  • The supply and implementation of plant;
  • Directing operations;
  • Testing plant;
  • Applying for clean energy incentives and tax breaks in line with latest government legislation;
  • Ordinary and extraordinary plant maintenance;
  • Remote-control monitoring of production/consumption through in-house software packages.  PEC:

C.F. - P.IVA: 03371190780

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Registered office: Via L. Ariosto, 3  - 87100 - COSENZA (Italy) - tel. +39 0984 466654

North Italy operative branch: via Tonale, 9 - 20125 - MILANO - tel. +39 02 39289261

Central Italy operative branch: via Sante Bargellini, 4  - 00157 - ROMA - tel. +39 06 83952370

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