Solar Heating

A solar heating plant, i.e. a thermal energy system by means of direct conversion of solar irradiation into heat, is made up of one or more independent circuits. According to EN standards these systems can be classified in two groups:

  • The first, known as factory made, covers  single block plants, natural circulation or forced air circulation plants;
  • The second are custom built, which covers forced circulation systems assembled in situ with components from different sources.

These systems are constructed in such a way as to provide hot water as well as heating for the home or the workplace.

The expression low-temperature heating describes the functioning of solar heating systems for industrial purposes used to supply hot water for industrial processes (for example, for washing or for maintaining a constant temperature in vats, for food processing and so on) or for heating water to produce steam. This kind of heating can be carried out by the same system used for heating workplaces and/or for hot water.

In forced-air recycling systems, solar collectors are used in parallel to form banks of collectors.  A number of banks are connected in parallel  series in order to heat the thermo-vector fluid to the desired temperature, and from the group of devices whose purpose it is to transport the heat collected to the heat exchanger which interfaces between the primary circuit and secondary one (user’s circuit).

In forced-air recycling systems the primary circuit is composed of a device for circulating fluid (centrifugal pump), by control systems and by safety instruments (expansion vase, various types of valve-safety, jolly and non return) by the heat exchanger which releases the thermal energy collected by the primary circuit to the secondary one, characterised in various ways according to the use required.  PEC:

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