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What is an E.S.Co.

What is an E.S.Co?

An E.S.Co. (Energy Service Company) is a company that supplies its clients with services geared to achieving maximum energy efficiency.

The basic aim is to rationalise the use and generation of electricity in order to reduce consumption and employ resources in most efficient manner possible.

The cost  of  installation of new plant that exploits the latest techniques of generation combining energy and heat is often offset by the improvement in energy efficiency. The transformation is carried out by an E.S.Co., that can also take over running the system.

In this way, the company  satisfies the client’s expectations on the basis of the results achieved. In some cases it is also possible for an E.S.Co. to intervene on the financial side to  carry out energy reconversion, with sums recovered later through the reductions in the client’s annual spending on energy.

The clients of an E.S.Co. are users whose energy systems are characterised by waste and high costs often due to obsolete plant.

In most cases the client company:

  • Does not have the internal technical resources to undertake the work of assessing, projecting or realising restructuring work;
  • Lacks economic resources or has employed them elsewhere;
  • Tends to be a small operator with staff skilled in one particular area;
  • The environmental context is technologically static.


An E.S.Co. has a different profile:

  • Companies running and maintaining plant;
  • Companies generating and supplying energy;
  • Plant suppliers;
  • Public and joint public/private power companies.

Often the companies involved are set up as consortia to realise specific tasks requested by the client.


An E.Sco. must be able to undertake the following:

  • Perform analysis of energy situation;
  • Undertake mechanical and electric planning;
  • Design and carry out projects;
  • Access financial resources.

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