Arké is an energy consultancy company in the sector of energy and energy saving. Our mission is to guarantee a professional and efficient service, realised in line with the client’s needs and expectations.

Our aim is to reduce the cost of  consumption on energy, through the use of the latest and advanced technological solutions, in full respect for the environment.

The innovative and made-to-measure work can exploit clean energy and, through the “Efficient Energy Certificates” (Certificati Bianchi), provide a speedy return for any initial outlay, as well as ensuring notable economic benefits in the years to come.

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Registered office: Via L. Ariosto, 3  - 87100 - COSENZA (Italy) - tel. +39 0984 466654

North Italy operative branch: via Tonale, 9 - 20125 - MILANO - tel. +39 02 39289261

Central Italy operative branch: via Sante Bargellini, 4  - 00157 - ROMA - tel. +39 06 83952370

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